Award Winning
Home renovations

At PURE Residential, our expertise is in large-scale home renovations, from remodelling kitchens, finishing basements, outdoor living spaces and out-of-date floor plans. We are skilled at renovating homes to suit our clients’ needs, wants and lifestyle. Our experience allows us to be masters of large scale overhauls, and execute entire rebuilds of existing structures.

We also specialize in turning spaces into multi-generational homes, and create functional areas to support families who wish to age in place. We are able to work within the original confines of a home to maintain and enhance key features and transform them into updated and stylish works of art.

Whatever your style preference, we work with you to deliver a space that’s tailored to your  lifestyle.

We were awarded the BILD Calgary Region’s Best Renovator’s Choice Renovation Award for 2020.

Our clients required greater functionality and additional living space than what their exterior deck provided. By enclosing the full width rear exterior deck a multi functional space was achieved, harmonizing with the home’s existing craftsmanship – resulting in an incredible retreat for all family members.

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BILD Calgary Region 2020 Winner